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What qualities do good tenants seek in a rental property?

Certain qualities are at the top of tenants' wish lists when looking for a new place to call home. Having a rental home with these attractive qualities might help set your rental apart and above the competition. If you are a landlord in UAE and looking for tenants for properties for rent in dubai you must learn about the preferences of tenets and keep in your consideration what matters to them most. What attributes do tenants search for in a rental property? What should you as a landlord look for when buying a buy-to-let property? What irks tenants? Go through this blog to get an idea about this


Our most fundamental human need for safety is a great motivator for good tenants. One of the primary reasons your prospective tenant chose to rent a home rather than an apartment is to create a safe environment for themselves and their family. As a result, do your research on crime statistics and only buy homes in safe areas.


The most significant feature of a property has always been and will always be its location. You can fetch higher rental costs without having to do anything else if you are in the correct location. Renovations and the amount of space available become secondary issues. If they are in a location that is favorable to them in some sense, people are considerably more prepared to compromise on other amenities

Renovations and Improvements

For a tenant, moving into a rental is a new beginning. It is highly advisable to make the property feel as new as they do! Tenants do not want their new property to appear to have been occupied previously. If you want to attract good tenants, try upgrading the kitchen or bathroom, adding new stainless steel appliances, or good carpeting to the apartment amenities list.

Parking is easily accessible

Parking is extremely vital in a rental for renters who have vehicles. Even better, off-street parking is available. Being able to provide the tenant with a parking spot in the driveway or garage will speed up the process of getting the property rented.

Enough storage availability

It's critical to have enough storage space in any home, especially if you're renting for a long time. Tenants won't have to worry about keeping their goods elsewhere, and they won't have to live in a messy area, thanks to ample storage space.

Natural lighting

natural lighting has a significant impact on a house. Large windows and ample light give a home a more open and airy atmosphere, increasing its appeal to potential tenants.

Air Conditioning (Central):

Not having an air conditioning system in your rental can be a deal-breaker in warmer areas like UAE. If your rental unit has central air or you believe the added value it will provide is worth the cost of installation, make sure to highlight this amenity when marketing it.

You must have an understanding of your rights as a tenant or a landlord. Here in the Emirates, the Government of UAE safeguards your rights. You must be updated about the RERA act or other legislation made in this regard so that you won't be tricked or duped in your dealings for properties for sale in Dubai, whether you are a tenant or a landlord.